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* Narrative Practice is an empowering way of working collaboratively with people and their stories that originally developed in Australia and New Zealand with the work of Michael White and David Epston. It is a respectful, non-blaming way of working which centres people as experts in their own lives and avoids the use of labelling or pathologizing language. An awareness of the stories that we are part of is a key element in psychological well-being. If we are 'in a story' that is 'not working' for us we will inevitably experience negative emotions and symptoms of stress. As narrative practitioners we work with people to 'co-author' stories that empower, enable and energize. Through a process of 'deconstruction' and re-authoring', people can break free of stories that sustain problems and develop an alternative story that is more in keeping with their personal values, hopes and commitments.

The ideas of narrative practice have been taken up in a wide variety of fields and cultural contexts all over the world. For more information, see