Client feedback

Resilience Training

  • Thank you for creating a magical yet practical experience for our participants. I wish my whole team of colleagues could have attended.
  • The strongest aspect of this course was Sandra’s positive manner. Her voice was clear and full of energy. Her explanation was clear and easy to understand. The content was interesting and well-organized. She made a very positive and comfortable atmosphere in the classroom.
  • It’s amazing how much a person can change your life in a week. Your words and advice have certainly done that. Someone said that teachers are like candles, they provide light. I would say not only light but also fire - fire of life. Thanks for everything.
  • Sandra, thanks so much. Your course was like a cold clear drink of water for a thirsty soul.
  • My personal gain: being able to take a positive approach and apply it to a negative situation - really inspiring, thanks!
  • Great ways of reducing burnout potential. Thank you for a great workshop.
  • Lots of good tips and techniques to apply to everyday life. Would like to explore this topic in more depth.
  • Eye-opening! I feel uplifted and inspired by these ideas.
  • I was aware of the huge bank of knowledge and experience flowing into this.
  • Positive and thought-provoking, thank you!
  • Professionelle Referentin; sehr klar strukturiert, kompetent, humorvoll, erfrischend
  • Sehr anregende Inputs zu verschiedenen schnell praktisch anwendbaren Methoden
  • Ich konnte persönlich sehr profitieren, viel neues erfahren, viele Inputs erhalten
  • Ideen gut direkt anwendbar
  • Inspirierend und bereichernd; grosse Horizonterweiterung
  • Dieses Seminar ist absolut empfehlenswert – Weiterentwicklung garantiert!
  • Genau so, wie es sein sollte!


"Working with Sandra is like meeting an old friend, who’s known you all your life, but is also wise and insightful. She quickly assesses your needs and walks with you through all of the necessary steps needed to tackle the issue you’re addressing. Her various methods based on her broad knowledge of psychology, training and coaching and her calm gentle nature make every session with her fruitful and energizing. I can recommend her to everyone: the busy professional, the frustrated mother, the wounded soul.

I was looking for the kind of support that would help build me back up rather than peel away the layers (been there, done that!). But I also knew I wanted to work with someone who could offer more than a superficial cheerleading approach. Sandra was exactly what I needed. Insightful, focused, fearless, warm and funny. I can recommend her without hesitation."

Other training courses/seminars/workshops

It was a big step and a big change for me, deciding to take this course. All my fears and insecurities all but vanished on the first day thanks to you. I would like to thank you enormously for your incredible patience, your kindness, your beautiful Irish accent and your amazing ability to bring out the sunshine when black clouds were looming. Your positive feedback, both verbal and written, continued to motivate and encourage me through those shaky first weeks and I am extremely grateful. You’re a wonderful tutor and I feel very lucky indeed to have learnt so much from you.