Sandra Ondraschek-Norris

Summary Profile

  • A counsellor/coach with a solid academic background in psychology
  • A facilitator/trainer with extensive experience in four different countries
  • A self-taught artist with a passion for colour and atmosphere
  • A healthy balance of intellect and intuition; structure and creativity – an ability to draw on both sides of the brain
  • English native speaker with excellent German skills

Psychology Theory & Practice

  • Degree in Psychology (Trinity College Dublin, 1983-1987)
  • Diploma in Holistic Counselling (Ganzheitliche Psychologische Beratung, IKP Zurich, 2001-2004)
  • Practitioner Training in Logosynthesis (Institute for Logosynthesis, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, 2008-2009)
  • Energy Psychology Modules (EFT & TAT) with Willem Lammers (IAS, Bad Ragaz, 2007)
  • Intensive training in Narrative Practice with Michael White & David Epston (Vienna 2004; Edinburgh 2005; Belfast 2006)
  • Regular training modules at University of Zurich (Psychologisches Institut & Institut für Selbstmanagement & Motivation): Identity; Motivation; Personality theory; Embodiment; etc. (2009-2010)
  • Positive Psychology Symposium with Martin Seligman (University of Zurich & Seligman Europe, 2011)
  • Working as an independent counsellor/coach/trainer since 2005
  • Designing & Delivering Resilience Training Seminars (2005- to date)
  • Co-Trainer for trainee counsellors, IKP Zurich (2003-2005)
  • Academic/Quality Control position in Counselling & Psychotherapy Dept. IKP, Zurich (2008)

Adult Learning Theory & Practice

  • Diplomas in teaching & teacher training approved by the University of Cambridge and the Royal Society of Arts (CTEFLA, DELTA, CELTA tutor, Dublin & Zurich, 1988-1993,
  • Swiss Adult Learning Diploma awarded by Schule für Erwachsenenbildung, Leitung und Führung, Zurich/Bern, 2001)
  • Various modules on presentation and facilitation skills, e.g.
    Rede und Präsentationstechnik, KS Kaderschule, 1995
    Six-Category Intervention Analysis (Heron), 1998
    How to speak in Public, Heinz Goldmann Foundation, 2000
  • Facilitating Learning with diverse and multicultural groups since 1988 (Ireland, UK, USA, Switzerland)
  • Managing, coaching and training teachers in a variety of educational contexts
  • Designing & delivering training: customised training events for companies; courses based on a fixed external syllabus and my own concepts/products (e.g. Resilience Training)

Visual Arts: Theory & Practice

  • Decision to study psychology instead of art/design
  • Participation in art courses in different countries
  • Extensive experience of painter’s block
  • Gradual recovery from painter’s block
  • Painting now successfully integrated in life
  • Participating regularly in art exhibitions
  • Facilitating painting workshops

I am delighted to be able to combine both of the areas that I once had to choose between. I enjoy how the two fields feed each other. Using creative methods and graphic facilitation in counselling situations can lead to surprising breakthroughs. Likewise, what I have learnt about self-management and motivation has helped me develop as an artist.

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